10 Tricks of the Trade for Small Gardens

Here are 10 tricks of the trade to make the most out of your small garden. From your choice of shrubs to the placement of paths and features, you can make your small garden look much bigger. As our lifestyles change and our gardens get smaller, knowing how to make the most of what you’ve got will ensure you can enjoy the great outdoors in your own back garden.

Here are several tricks to help make the most of a small garden

Easy Small Garden Design Ideas

Use tall shrubs and trees with lots of foliage to draw your eye upwards.

Choose vertical fence and screen designs. The wider the panels or slats, the bigger the space will look.

As a general rule, the bigger the paver and the less intricate the pattern, the more open the space will appear.

Choose a single paving material, such as all sandstone or all brick.

Introduce a level change. This could be a single step, a low wall or a ‘fake’ raised garden bed.

Get the balance right. The area allocated for dining, reclining or entertaining should be bigger than the lawn or plant area.

Maximise and ‘extend’ the space by drawing attention to corners with winding paths, feature plants or a piece of garden art.

Use a few tall, well-shaped plants rather than a mass of little ones.

Choose colours carefully, especially for walls. Blue tends to ‘fade’ into the distance; red tends to ‘close in’ on you. If you have any large, cumbersome features, such as a shed, paint them a neutral colour to downplay them.

Try to create two or three distinct areas or ‘rooms’. This could be a paved area for dining, an area of lawn for playing and a corner with a single bench offering a view of a discreetly placed statue.

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